The joy of socks (or,the socks of joy)

Hello Jumblies,

Why, you may well ask, am I writing about socks on a very hot summer day? Good question.

I have a lot of pain in my feet and, even in this weather, I need them covered when I am in bed (the duvet really hurts – and the air hurts more). With me so far? I know many of you suffer from this sensitivity. Pretty yucky.

So, as yesterday was a low energy day and I was lying about a lot, I figured I may as well crochet (a healing hobby) and get some comfy socks at the same time!

This pattern was taken from a lovely blog called

From Crook to Hook

A Place for Crocheters!

Clever name, hey?

So I know that all you knitters’ will be saying that crochet socks are rubbish- and I would have agreed with you until I tried these.

They are comfy, have no seams to rub and look good.

Next time, I would experiment with a smaller hook, as these are a little too holey. Also, may try different yarn with a bit of stretch.

Expect to see more socks here – I am on a roll!

Please share patterns or socks that work for you.

Socks and owls for sleepy Jumblies

Socks and owls for sleepy Jumblies

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