Why Jumblies?

An odd name for a blog, maybe? Let me explain.
In July 2012, I was in a London hospital for neurological tests. There were five other people in the room with me, for a week.
We all had different diagnoses and conditions, but, as the week went on and we got to know each other, I realised we were all Jumblies. For whatever reason, our body and brain were not connecting so well and messages were getting jumbled up.
I know there are loads of us out there. My particular condition is Transverse Myelitis. On my journey I have met those with ME,MS, Fibromyalgia – the list goes on!

All very different conditions, but all Jumblies in some way.

One of the most common comments I hear is ” I may look normal, but I have constant pain and fatigue” Another is ” I am not my condition – it is part of me, but does not define me”
So true. Hence, the Jumblies – who are Joyful!

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