And so to bed – naps first

Hello Jumblies,
I promised a series on resting/sleeping, so here goes part one
Naps,resting,daytime sleeps.These are part of my day, whether I like it or not, so they may as well be joyful times. Often in the day my body needs to stop but my brain is still buzzing.
A few things that help me rest effectively:
– Quiet. Radio off, phone off. Earplugs if need be.
– Air. A stuffy room leaves me headachy and grumpy.
-A light blanket. Even when it is hot, my body hurts when exposed to the above air! Also, a blanket is like a cuddle.
– An undemanding book. Nothing heavy(both physically and intellectually)
– An eye mask sometimes helps and is oddly soothing.
Please share your own tips with us.
Rest well today.

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