“Shake well before use” Part two

Hello Jumblies,

So I was telling you about the book I am reading by Tom Isaacs, a Parkinson’s disease Jumblie, who walked the Britain’s coastline (as you do )!
I have had so many emotions reading this book – and he is only 1/3 of the way on his journey.
Guilt is one that I reckon we Jumblies’ have often. “I am not as bad as he is, I don’t have such visible symptoms, how dare I complain” Sound familiar?
Interestingly, he felt the same way when he met folk who were worse than he was, or when he was having a good day. We have to let the guilt go!
” That is exactly how I feel” is another one I have had a lot. Even though our Jumble is totally different – he is Parkinson’s and I am Transverse Myelitis- we share pain and fatigue and a whole lot of other things that go with them.
So this little paragraph blew me away. It pretty much encapsulates the essence of Joyful Jumblies for me….
” It dawned on me that fulfilment has nothing to do with success, wealth or reward, nor health for that matter. Fulfilment was about making the most of my capabilities and concentrating on the things that seemed important to me. Coastin’ was giving me an outdoor life, a goal, a course and a life-enriching experience. It was all I wanted.”
Find your fulfillment today, Jumblies.

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