Sleepy time tips

Hello Jumblies,
Continuing on the theme of sleep. Here are some tips kindly shared (and slightly altered by me) by Jenny Brown. Jenny is a nutrition guru and knows her stuff! She is also my aunt, so I may be a little predjudiced..visit her on Http://

This article was written for non-Jumblie’s. I have made some changes and comments as you will see below.
As with everything in Jumblieland, take what will help you and leave the rest.
Please add your own comments about what works for you.

tired cat

#1: Stick to a sleep schedule.
Be consistent with bedtime routine to reinforce your sleep-wake cycle.
However, if you don’t fall asleep within about 15 minutes, get up and do something
relaxing. Go back to bed when you’re tired.
Do the same things each night to tell your body it’s time to wind down

# 2: Pay attention to what you eat and drink.
Don’t go to bed either hungry or uncomfortably full.
Limit your liquid intake (we know this one well, don’t we Jumblies?)
Avoid sweet treats and stimulants.

# 3: Create a bedtime ritual
Help your body to unwind by taking a warm bath or shower , reading a book or listening to soothing music – preferably with lights dimmed.
No computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices please!

# 4: Get comfortable
Create a cool, dark quiet room with sufficient fresh air.
Ensure your bedding works for you. Some of us need a cover over our body to help ease the pain. Some prefer no cover. Experiment.
Make sure bedding and nightwear is soft and has no rough labels or tags.
Socks are a must for a lot of us.
#5: Medication
Work out the best time to take your meds. Some help sleep better, some keep you awake (obviously, check with your doctor)
Keep water, medication and other necessities next to the bed, so you don’t have to get up if you need something in the night.
Sleep tight

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