Low flying aircraft approaching…. (still flying, just not very high)

Hello Jumblies, Yesterday was interesting. I saw the Occupational Therapist to follow up after completing my fatigue diary. She gave me some useful insights, which I hope you will benefit from.

  1. Seems I am not in enough of a rigid routine. I need to plan my days and weeks around rest/nap times. They must be 30 minutes – no more, no less! Not reading or doing anything at all except maybe sleeping.
  2. She suggested dividing tasks and treats up into time frames, rather than actions. Then, decide which are energy draining and do those when I have most energy (for me, 10am and 5pm)
  3. It seems that, like most of us with jolly old fatigue, I run into empty before conking out, then take ages to recover. The idea is to rest while there is still something in the tank, so that recharging doesn’t take so long.
  4. Keep fluids up, get up or change postion every so often, eat little and often.

Let’s see if it makes a difference. What works for you?Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Anonymous :) LOL!! we must laugh or we will lose our minds... visit my blog tootiredtolivebutstillbreathing.blogspot.com

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