Tutorial: Fabric Backed Yarn Eater Blanket!

This is such a good idea and I wonder if the heavy blanket may be soothing for some Jumblies?
Thank you for permission to reblog.

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I have to say Pinterest is a very inspiring & useful tool for the creative mind… it is also like crack & very addictive!  While I have thousands of pins on my boards I have been trying to make at least 1 project a month off of them.  This project was actually completed in a few steps over a month while I was sick with strep, but it is done & well loved!  My inspiration was some fabric backed baby blankets I had seen on there.  I love crocheted blankets… they are soft, cuddly & who doesn’t enjoy wrapping their fingers in them?  The one downside is if they have a lot of holes they can be drafty… this fixes that AND is super cute as well.  You can also us this fabric backing method on a already finished crochet or knit blanket that you have laying around!

I will say this…

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