What you didn’t say I’m glad I didn’t hear

Hello Jumblies,
this is an amazing post. Many good things to think about here.

Hope Beyond

Lyme myths posterWhen someone says to me, “you look good today,” I’ve decided to simply take that as a compliment.  The cynical alternative would be to question the intent of the person and wonder if he or she is thinking one of the phrases in the poster above.  Is he or she wondering if I am really sick if I am able fix my hair and wear make-up one day in the past week?  No one sees me when I don’t feel well because I don’t leave the house!  Oh well.  As a friend of mine named Carol used to say, “it’s better to just leave it alone.”

When someone asks me if I’m back to work yet, I’ve decided to say that, “getting well is my full time job these days.”  If the person probes further, I’ve decided to disclose that I spend 16 to 18 hours every day in health-related activities and appointments.  That usually brings silence so…

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