Holiday fun – or not?

Hello Jumblies,
Well, we are off to Wales on holiday (pretty exotic, huh?) First one since becoming a Jumblie.
So here’s the thing. Is this exciting- or exhausting? And how to cope?
I was talking this through with my pain physio last week and she had some interesting insights. Maybe they will help you too.
– What is the point of the holiday?
To spend time together as a family and see a new part of the country.
-Does it matter if I can’t do everything with the others and will I be holding them back?
I said it does matter and she said, is that in my head, or have I asked them!
If I spend the whole week in bed or on the couch, is it the end of the world?
Obviously not – at least I will be somewhere different and with family, sharing their new experiences.
So, that was me told! Here is my plan for being joyful and getting as much as possible out of this for all of us:
– Pack and prepare a few days in advance. Pace myself so I am not already zonked before we leave;
– Take a lot of books and crochet to keep me busy when the others are out and about;
– Take a selection of clothes (socks and gloves) in case the cold/wet affects my hands and feet;
– Plan a couple of things I really want to do/see. Let the rest happen or not happen, it doesn’t matter;
– Give the family verbal permission to have fun without me and not feel guilty about it;
– Give myself permission to have a really good time within my boundaries and not feel guilty/frustrated/fedup that I can’t do all that I used to.
-Try to stick to a routine as much as possible.
Goodness! All this planning for a simple week away. Is it worth it? I am determined it will be.
How do you cope with holidays?

Holiday socks

Holiday socks

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