Holiday Feedback

Hello Jumblies,
Well, we are back from our week in Wales and I promised to let you know how it went.
We were blessed with stunning weather, which I am sure made a difference to how my body coped. Warm and sunny, but not boiling. Perfect.
The journey really took it out of me. Next time I will plan a recovery day either side of travel. Even though all I was doing was sitting in the car, it is fatiguing.
Space to be on my own is essential. A couple of breaks a day where other people are not!
Planning- ah yes, a slightly difficult one, this. I am much better if I know times and schedules so that I can prepare my body accordingly. Obviously, on holiday, we all like to do things on the spur of the moment. Not sure how to overcome this one. Thoughts?
Next time, I will take earplugs for when I need to shut down a bit, as well as a snugglie blanket for comfort.
All in all though, a wonderful time. Glad I did it.

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