joyful JUMBLIE today!

Hello Jumblies,

Well, it has been a week. Very sad death of my brother last week. Family in South Africa have been just incredible and a big thank you to Jen and Pat right here.

Our son went to Uni on Saturday. We took him (to Coventry – no jokes, please!) on Friday and stayed over so that I could save some energy. Had a lovely dinner with him, our daugher and her boyfriend on the Friday night, then took him on Saturday. Rather emotional, but managed to stave off the tears (for those of you who know me, that is a miracle!)

Of course, my body has crashed completely. I have spent pretty much most of the last three days in bed.

tired cat

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. I havMy wonderful husbande managed to get up, wash dishes; iron a shirt; shower and make a cake.

That is probably it for the day…..

So, why still joyful? Because I managed all those things! To an un-jumblie, it may not seem like much, but for us, it is a huge achievement. Yay Jumblies!!

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