Triangle Guy….

Hello Jumblies,

Been a while since we last talked – bad me. Been a busy old time over Christmas and New Year.

So, how posh am I? Went to a concert just before Christmas! A friend of mine is a hugely talented Oboe player (oboist?) and we were invited to a concert she was playing in. Beautiful, magnificent and joyful.

Anyway, after the interval, the orchestra played Symphony No 4 in E minor by Brahms (sounds as if I know what I am talking about here, doesn’t it? – I don’t).

I have to quote a bit here as this is the point of my story:

” An abrupt change of mood here as the composer plunges headlong into this most glorious scherzo…. After, by comparison, a quieter movement from the horns, the movement reignites with a contribution from the triange (it’s the only one throughout the whole symphony!)”

So, this beautiful symphony was played and Triangle Guy sat for quite a while just waiting, seemingly doing nothing.

At last, it was his turn. Only a tiny bit of triangle playing, then he sat down again for the rest of the concert.

Doesn’t seem like much of a contribution, does it? If you listen to the music though, you will realise that that tiny little bit of triangle playing enriched and lifted the whole piece. My life is richer and more joyful because of it.

Ever felt like Triangle Guy? Believe me, the tiniest contribution you make will lift and bless someone.

Go- play the Triangle with joy!sku_146941_3


3 thoughts on “Triangle Guy….

  1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ve popped over to yours to have a nosy and this post is so true! I have M.E. and a few other ailments and this is such a timely reminder that even if you cannot do much, you can always do something important. Thank you!


  2. Dan my husband was often the triangle guy literally! I often patiently waited for his wonderful ting!
    Ps. I have been a good girl since you visited at been going to bed at 9pm. Still totally wiped out though…..I think the glandular fever related fatigue from all those years ago has come out to play…


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