Biscuits, babies, bottoms and backs (confused yet?)

Hello Jumblies,

A rather random collection for today’s subject, but they are all connected, I promise.

So, I have just completed a puff quilt for a friend’s new baby. In the USA, these are called biscuit quilts (they call bread rolls biscuits. Go figure).IMG_20150126_175645With me so far? Good.

While I was making this, I needed space on my table, so I sat on it for a while…. and discovered that it is really comfy for bottoms! I know a lot of Jumblie folk have many and varied aches and pains, so I reckon anything that helps is good.

I suspect it would be jolly good for aching backs too.

See how it all links up? Hoorah!

You can find great tutorials for similar projects on my Pinterest crafting board.

Here is the quilt I was using as a guide. Isn’t it cute?

I've never wanted to make a quilt until now! So cute! A Bubble Quilt tutorial. I think I may try to make one of these.

And here is one that seems easier to make. I love the ruffly edge, plus it looks so soft. A comfort quilt for sure

So, there you have it. Biscuits, babies, bottoms and backs.

Go sew, Jumblies!

Missouri Star Cuddle Puffy Rag Quilt

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