Dots of Joy

Hello Jumblies,

Here in the UK everyone is a bit fed up with Winter and longing for some heat. Over in South Africa, everyone is fed up with heat and longing for some cool – aren’t we a funny lot?

Either way, I figure we could all do with some Dots of Joy in our lives. As you can see, there are some little bright sparkles in the grey rocks below. Sometimes, we miss the joy, because we are so busy focusing on the grey.

Dots of Joy

Dots of Joy

I read a book a long time ago, called ‘Splashes of Joy in the cesspool of life’ by Barbara Johnson. This lady did not have a fun life, and this is her story. Well worth a read.

I know that, as Jumblies, we sometimes struggle to find the little dots of joy. It seems as if everyone else is having such a wonderful life while we struggle on every minute of every day. News flash! Everyone struggles! Not just us. (Though some have a harder time of it and the grey rocks can get very large and overwhelming, for sure).

The point of this story is: We have to find the dots of joy.They are there.

Some examples from the past few days in my life:

Snowdrops peeping out of the cold, dark mud;

Sun shining through the winter skeleton tree shapes;

A cuddle with my dog;

A tweet from someone who cheers me up every day (@adsthepoet)

The dots’ don’t have to be huge and they don’t have to be life-changing. But they are what makes a day joyful.


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