Never give up.

Hello Jumblies,

So, I am feeling a little down today. No reason, just am. What to do? I was mooching around in the kitchen, supposedly cleaning up a little – and found this from years ago. I have no idea where it comes from, so can’t credit the writer.

Never give up

Don’t give up your dreams or your dreaming.

Don’t let life cut your line as you reel in those dreams.

Hold on tightly.

Keep reeling.

Don’t give up.

Grab that net –

And if they look as if they’re about to leap out of that net after you’ve caught them,

Jump in after them and keep on swimming, ’till you drown if you have to…


Don’t ever let go of those dreams.


Keep strong, Jumblies – and hang on to those dreams.

Such joyful blooms

Such joyful blooms

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