Valid or Invalid?

Hello Jumblies,

I have just come back from the Transverse Myelitis conference. Regular readers will know that this is my particular Jumble.

You can find out more on

Anyway, there we were. About 150 of us from all over the UK. Some in motorised wheelchairs, some with walkers, some with sticks- one even had a beautiful service dog. So, a rather motley crew. All of us with some degree of disability- which really puts us all in the category of invalid.

Funny word, that. The Oxford dictionary has two definitions:   A person made weak or disabled by illness or injury;

Not valid

Well!!  150 of us, maybe not strong physically, but.. here is the definition of Valid   :based on truth or reason;

                                                                                                                                  able to be accepted

Can you see the steam coming out my ears? Jumblies – we are Valid!

Never, ever, ever let us think we are less than able to be accepted.

Proud to be a Jumblie. That’s all

This is a cute motivational sleeveless tee would be cute if ribbon attached the back ( maybe green!):)

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