Celebrate a full life.

Hello Jumblies,

A while ago I wrote a post about dots of joy. One of my dots is @adsthepoet on Twitter.

Adam died just a few days ago. He was only 15. Celebrate this joyful young man with me.

A bit about Adam. He couldn’t move or talk and communicated by blinking. He spent a lot of his time in hospital. He has incredible parents’ who never gave in or gave up on Adam.

I met him on Twitter. Yawn, another person spouting forth, you may think. Ah, no. Not Adam.

He tweeted regularly, with humour and wisdom. He blinked poetry! He brightened the lives of thousands of people, both young and old.  Adam was in hospital for his 15th birthday and we had a huge Twitter celebration with virtual songs, cake and dog pictures to celebrate. It was a happy day and many of us shared his birthday.

Here is one of his poems:


This rhyme is a puzzle, as you will see,
This rhyme tells you what a good leader should be.
A good leader respects the young and the old,
A good leader observes and is prepared to be bold.
A good leader is brave and will try something new,
A good leader works hard and gives praise when it’s due.
A good leader expects the best from all staff,
A good leader brings happiness and shares in a laugh.
A good leader supports patients and gives them the best,
A good leader teaches staff to be ahead of the rest.
A good leader explains if something goes amiss,
A good leader rejoices in times of great bliss.
If you study this rhyme and look very close,
You’ll discover the leader I admire most.

(C) Adam Bojelian 2014

A clever and insightful young man. This Saturday there is a service in York to celebrate Adam’s life.
I can’t be there, but will be in virtual attendance. I salute you, Adam Bojelian. Much loved, much missed, always remembered.

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