Springcleaning Relationships?

Hello Jumblies,

Well, this is an odd subject. Surely our relationships are what they are and there’s not much we can do about it? Youd think so, wouldn’t you?

I’ve been reading a lot recently about the company we keep and how we tend to become like the people closest to us. Scary thought? Or am I making good choices?

So, here are my thoughts on the matter:-

  • Physical friends – those we see, drink coffee with, spend time with. Do they make your heart sing? Do you leave them feeling uplifted?
  • Online friends – those we meet in various groups and social sites. Do we enjoy chatting with them, reading their comments, admiring their pictures, learning something from them?
  • Relatives – a thorny one, this, but the same questions apply.Strangers – people we interact with in shops, on the train, out and about. Is it worth getting upset over, or trying to impress someone we will never see again. Also, is it worth spending a few seconds brightening their day?

Obviously, we all have people who have to be in our lives right now, but we can choose how we respond to them. We don’t have to be dragged into their negative or miserable place. We can try to uplift them, but if they choose to be negative, so be it.

We can also choose to spend less/no time with people (yes, even friends) who always leave us feeling down. A difficult choice, but think of the space it will clear for positive people in your life!

What do you think? Harsh? Unfeeling? Or true and uplifting?








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