Sunshine, happiness, vitamin d and me(latonin)

Hello Jumblies,

Yes, this is me – being glamorous and mysterious!  Actually, it was for a video in my Facebook VIP group about summer essentials (if you’d like to be added to the group, contact me here or here ).


So we were talking Summer Essentials – sunglasses and a pashmina are two of mine.

But, is it good to wear sunglasses all the time, keep ourselves covered up, slathered in sun protection and never allow the rays’ to reach us?

Gosh! But this is an absolute minefield. The more I researched, the more I found in favour of total coverup and equal amounts in favour of exposing to the sun.

The conclusion I reached is that a little bit is very good for you, too much is bad and none is also bad! (as with most things in life:)

Here’s the thing… our bodies need to make vitamin D and the sun helps a lot in this process. We also need melatonin (google it – you’ll be amazed) to be happy people.

My recommendation? Get out there every day for ten minutes and revel in the fresh air and sunshine! Then cover up and be mysterious and glamorous….





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