Summer Essentials – Coconut Oil

Hello Jumblies, So, over on the secret Facebook group, I am talking about Summer Essentials from a beauty angle and I thought I would share with you too how kind am I?! First Summer Essential that I pulled out of my basket is Coconut Oil. An obvious first choice really – coconut is the essence […]

Carotenoids Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk and Recurrence

Originally posted on The BarleyLife Blog:
The next time you’re at the supermarket, you may want to spend a bit more time browsing the produce section. A new long-term study published in the American Journal  of Clinical Nutrition found that high concentrations of  carotenoids in the blood, specifically beta and alpha carotene and lycopene, were linked to a…

How to wear the wrong colours

As a colour analyst, when I show someone ‘their’ colours, I also spend a little time talking through how to begin to shift their wardrobe over to their new palette and how to make the most of their old, possibly largely incorrect, clothes while they slowly build up a wardrobe of their best colours. The chances are,…