The 10 item I’ve-just-got-a-job capsule wardrobe

Such a useful post. Great to have a capsule wardrobe if you are a Jumblie with little energy!


Valid or Invalid?

Hello Jumblies,

I have just come back from the Transverse Myelitis conference. Regular readers will know that this is my particular Jumble.

You can find out more on

Anyway, there we were. About 150 of us from all over the UK. Some in motorised wheelchairs, some with walkers, some with sticks- one even had a beautiful service dog. So, a rather motley crew. All of us with some degree of disability- which really puts us all in the category of invalid.

Funny word, that. The Oxford dictionary has two definitions:   A person made weak or disabled by illness or injury;

Not valid

Well!!  150 of us, maybe not strong physically, but.. here is the definition of Valid   :based on truth or reason;

                                                                                                                                  able to be accepted

Can you see the steam coming out my ears? Jumblies – we are Valid!

Never, ever, ever let us think we are less than able to be accepted.

Proud to be a Jumblie. That’s all

This is a cute motivational sleeveless tee would be cute if ribbon attached the back ( maybe green!):)

Never give up.

Hello Jumblies,

So, I am feeling a little down today. No reason, just am. What to do? I was mooching around in the kitchen, supposedly cleaning up a little – and found this from years ago. I have no idea where it comes from, so can’t credit the writer.

Never give up

Don’t give up your dreams or your dreaming.

Don’t let life cut your line as you reel in those dreams.

Hold on tightly.

Keep reeling.

Don’t give up.

Grab that net –

And if they look as if they’re about to leap out of that net after you’ve caught them,

Jump in after them and keep on swimming, ’till you drown if you have to…


Don’t ever let go of those dreams.


Keep strong, Jumblies – and hang on to those dreams.

Such joyful blooms

Such joyful blooms

Dots of Joy

Hello Jumblies,

Here in the UK everyone is a bit fed up with Winter and longing for some heat. Over in South Africa, everyone is fed up with heat and longing for some cool – aren’t we a funny lot?

Either way, I figure we could all do with some Dots of Joy in our lives. As you can see, there are some little bright sparkles in the grey rocks below. Sometimes, we miss the joy, because we are so busy focusing on the grey.

Dots of Joy

Dots of Joy

I read a book a long time ago, called ‘Splashes of Joy in the cesspool of life’ by Barbara Johnson. This lady did not have a fun life, and this is her story. Well worth a read.

I know that, as Jumblies, we sometimes struggle to find the little dots of joy. It seems as if everyone else is having such a wonderful life while we struggle on every minute of every day. News flash! Everyone struggles! Not just us. (Though some have a harder time of it and the grey rocks can get very large and overwhelming, for sure).

The point of this story is: We have to find the dots of joy.They are there.

Some examples from the past few days in my life:

Snowdrops peeping out of the cold, dark mud;

Sun shining through the winter skeleton tree shapes;

A cuddle with my dog;

A tweet from someone who cheers me up every day (@adsthepoet)

The dots’ don’t have to be huge and they don’t have to be life-changing. But they are what makes a day joyful.


Biscuits, babies, bottoms and backs (confused yet?)

Hello Jumblies,

A rather random collection for today’s subject, but they are all connected, I promise.

So, I have just completed a puff quilt for a friend’s new baby. In the USA, these are called biscuit quilts (they call bread rolls biscuits. Go figure).IMG_20150126_175645With me so far? Good.

While I was making this, I needed space on my table, so I sat on it for a while…. and discovered that it is really comfy for bottoms! I know a lot of Jumblie folk have many and varied aches and pains, so I reckon anything that helps is good.

I suspect it would be jolly good for aching backs too.

See how it all links up? Hoorah!

You can find great tutorials for similar projects on my Pinterest crafting board.

Here is the quilt I was using as a guide. Isn’t it cute?

I've never wanted to make a quilt until now! So cute! A Bubble Quilt tutorial. I think I may try to make one of these.

And here is one that seems easier to make. I love the ruffly edge, plus it looks so soft. A comfort quilt for sure

So, there you have it. Biscuits, babies, bottoms and backs.

Go sew, Jumblies!

Missouri Star Cuddle Puffy Rag Quilt

Proving Jesus

Love this post by fellow blogger

Beautiful Life with Cancer

I have a little girl.  There is evidence of her everywhere.  I have scientific evidence, I have a journal that I have kept about her life, there are so many other people that have seen her and know her, the list goes on and on.  But this is not how I prove her.  If I meet someone in the grocery store and tell a story about my daughter, no one asks me to prove her existence scientifically.  I know she exists because I KNOW HER.  I have walked with her and talked with her and served her and I LOVE HER!  I know she exists because I LOVE HER!  I can tell you stories of the funny things she has said, I can tell you about eating popcorn with her, I can tell you about how she brought me coffee in bed when I was sick, I can tell you…

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Fall or Fly?

Hello Jumblies,

Four years ago I was learning to walk again, after contracting Transverse Myelitis. I had two choices: I could try, or I could give up.

I know the Jumblies’ out there will understand how very, very strong the temptation is to give up, give in and accept that this is life from now on. I am forever grateful to my family, friends and physiotherapist  for  encouraging me to try, try and try again.

When I saw this on Pinterest, it just captured my heart. For all of us today, Fly!


Triangle Guy….

Hello Jumblies,

Been a while since we last talked – bad me. Been a busy old time over Christmas and New Year.

So, how posh am I? Went to a concert just before Christmas! A friend of mine is a hugely talented Oboe player (oboist?) and we were invited to a concert she was playing in. Beautiful, magnificent and joyful.

Anyway, after the interval, the orchestra played Symphony No 4 in E minor by Brahms (sounds as if I know what I am talking about here, doesn’t it? – I don’t).

I have to quote a bit here as this is the point of my story:

” An abrupt change of mood here as the composer plunges headlong into this most glorious scherzo…. After, by comparison, a quieter movement from the horns, the movement reignites with a contribution from the triange (it’s the only one throughout the whole symphony!)”

So, this beautiful symphony was played and Triangle Guy sat for quite a while just waiting, seemingly doing nothing.

At last, it was his turn. Only a tiny bit of triangle playing, then he sat down again for the rest of the concert.

Doesn’t seem like much of a contribution, does it? If you listen to the music though, you will realise that that tiny little bit of triangle playing enriched and lifted the whole piece. My life is richer and more joyful because of it.

Ever felt like Triangle Guy? Believe me, the tiniest contribution you make will lift and bless someone.

Go- play the Triangle with joy!sku_146941_3