Sunshine, happiness, vitamin d and me(latonin)

Hello Jumblies, Yes, this is me – being glamorous and mysterious!  Actually, it was for a video in my Facebook VIP group about summer essentials (if you’d like to be added to the group, contact me here or here ). So we were talking Summer Essentials – sunglasses and a pashmina are two of mine. But, is it good […]


Hello Jumblies, I am a little overexcited this morning, as the sun is shining- a rarity around here 🙂 So, to celebrate, I have done a little video on Younique’s newest baby – Body Bronzer. Grab your beach towel, slip on your sandals and come enjoy   Summer!Summer!  


Hello Jumblies, Today- much fatigue and pain. Also craving sugary junk. I avoid sugar, gluten and caffeine as much as possible. Research (and my body!) has shown that they don’t help our immune system any. So why the cravings? Give in, resist, or find a way to provide whatever it is my body is shouting […]